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The World’s cleanest Morris Minor engine bay?

Just before lockdown, on 19 March, we were already social distancing when we met Stephen Ellis with his gorgeous Morris Minor Traveller.  Stephen has made the restoration of his beloved car a labour of love – or, as he admitted, an expenditure of love (if that’s an expression).  He had the restoration carried out by an expert.

Apart from the engine bay that we show in the headline picture, the rest of the car was in superb condition.  Sadly, we didn’t get a chance to talk to Stephen in detail – he had to get home.  But we hope that these pictures will give some pleasure to our readers while you are unable to see machines like this “in the flesh”.

And for those of you who are working in your garages on your Minors, it’s all right: you can scream in a jealous rage, because not many people will hear you.

Here are some more pictures…

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