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Aspects of Motoring History # 18

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The Society of Automotive Historians in Britain Ltd (SAHB) is an independent organisation, limited by guarantee and registered in England number 12780211, that was originally established in 1980 as a Chapter of the American-based Society of Automotive Historians that had been founded in 1969.

You can access full details of the company, including its directors and articles of association, through the Companies House link below.  Just click on the FILING HISTORY tab, which then gives access to a PDF with all the information.  The link is:

The principal purpose of the SAHB is to encourage research, recording, compilation and publication of historical facts concerning the worldwide development of mechanically powered road transport and all related topics from inception to the present day.

The SAHB exists for all those of amateur or professional status who are interested in any aspect of motoring history, whether or not they are UK resident.

For its members, the SAHB provides a unique camaraderie and an information exchange network through which other people with similar interests can be located. The Society’s membership also includes corporations, museums and other institutions that support the preservation of our motoring heritage for future generations to appreciate.

An interest in automotive history is all you need to become a member.

If you have read this text so far it indicates that your share our passion for the history of motor vehicles, so why not join The Society of Automotive Historians in Britain Ltd – new members always receive an especially warm welcome.


The Society of Automotive Historians in Britain (SAHB) organises two Seminars each year, one in the spring and the other in the autumn, allowing members to meet face-to-face. Held at different venues around the country, Seminars have members and guest speakers giving presentations that cover a wide variety of motoring-related topics – and usually generate lively debate.


By becoming part of the SAHB you will receive a number of authoritative publications each year, both in electronic and book formats, all written and edited by people keen to share their specialist knowledge and expertise. The SAHB publishes The SAHB Times, a quarterly newsletter with items about members’ activities, short articles, letters, requests for information and classified adverts. In addition, there is the annual Aspects of Motoring History – an acclaimed book produced by the Society containing in-depth articles that cover both ancient and modern automotive subjects. The SAHB also publishes its own SAHB Membership Directory in printed form about every three years.


The Internet has now become an integral part of daily life. Therefore, the Society keeps a register of the most informative motoring-related websites which is available to members. These are accessed on the SAHB website is; using the link titled ‘Sources & Links’.

How to Join

Annual subscription to The Society of Automotive Historians in Britain is £45.00 (2022-23 rate). To join us, please fill in the Application Form attached; it tells you the latest annual subscription for UK and overseas members. Then please either send it with a cheque to the Secretary at the address shown on the form, or email the form to him and make your payment by bank transfer – the details are also on the form. If you live outside the UK and wish to pay by PayPal, please contact us through the Comments facility at the bottom of this page and we’ll tell you how to do this.

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