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The Nineteenth-Century Motorist in the North West – Saturday 7 September 2019

We are delighted to announce an important day school to be held by Manchester Metropolitan University on Saturday 7 September 2019 from 10 am to 3.30 pm, at 70 Oxford Road (the ‘Cornerhouse’), Manchester M1 5NH.

It is open to everyone.

To whet your appetite, our main picture is of Goodwin’s Lutzmann Benz in Manchester in 1896.  It is taken from the archive of Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum: reference YMS 0197.2.

There will be talks on:

  • An overview of the early cycling and motoring industry in the North West
  • Motoring in the North West, ca. 1900
  • Motoring archives in the North West
  • Roads in the North West ca. 1900: experimentation and achievement
  • Rothwell: a case study of a north-west car manufacturer
  • Manchester and the early bicycle industry.

There will also be displays on:

  • Manchester and the Thousand Mile Trial of 1900
  • Samuel Okell, (probably) Cheshire’s first motorist.

Entry costs £20 waged/£10 unwaged, and includes a buffet lunch.

For tickets, please apply to:, then search on ‘motorist’

The event is hosted by the Manchester Centre for Public History and Heritage.

For more information in the period leading up to the event, visit The Nineteenth-Century Motorist Project at


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