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THE MALCOLM JEAL AWARD – a reminder to send us your nominations

This is a reminder to all you avid followers of automotive history to send us your nominations for the MALCOLM JEAL AWARD for excellence in the writing of articles on a motoring subject.  We launched the award in March and have already had a number of nominations – but we need more.

We’ll be making our first assessment of the nominations at our committee meeting in August, so there’s still time for you to put an article forward.

Here’s a recap of the award and its history:

Having spent almost a lifetime researching and writing about early motoring, and as demonstrated by his inspired introduction of the SAHB’s Aspects of Motoring History in 2005 and later his creation of the Snapshot Series on the SAHB website, Malcolm was very geared to well-written articles, concise motor vehicle appraisals and succinct editing. In the light of this talent, together with his dedication to the furtherance of the interests of the SAHB, this new award will be presented annually to the writer (not necessarily an SAHB member) of a single article of at least 1500 words, that has appeared in print in English in any periodical.  The period of publication for the first award will be the 12 months starting 1st July 2017 and finishing 30th June 2018.

The article must be about mechanically-powered road transport, be of historical value, and not previously have been published in any other form. The judging panel will take into consideration the appropriateness of accompanying illustrations, captions, sources and, where appropriate, references.

So if any of you out there (and that means ANY OF YOU – you don’t need to be an SAHB member) has read a particularly good article recently, or perhaps has been impressed by the detail of the research and good use of the English language, and would like to nominate it for this award, you should scan the article and send it, by email, to SAHB Publicity Officer Peter Moss at

The first award will be presented at the SAHB AGM in October, and we are delighted that SAHB Honorary member Eunice Jeal has agreed to present the award to the winner.

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