GERRY BIRRELL – Lost Before His Time

By Darren Banks 2023 review by James Loveridge “GERRY BIRRELL – Lost Before His Time” by Darren Banks is...


By Den Carlow, Anders Ditlev Clausager, Paul Skilleter & Penny Woodley 2023 review by James Loveridge Even when the...

Aspects of Motoring History # 18

Published July 2022. 126 pages, 92 black & white illustrations and charts and 24 full-colour images, softbound. Articles: Craig...

Aspects of Motoring History # 17

Published June 2021. 109 pages, nearly 40 black & white illustrations and charts and 32 full-colour images, softbound. Articles:...

Aspects of Motoring History # 15

Published June 2019. 118 pages, colour cover, over 85 black & white illustrations and charts, softbound, and 15 pages of full colour.


  • Philip A. Sykas: Fabric-covered cars: motor engineering and fashion
  • Paul Nieuwenhuis: Electric vehicles and the car of the future
  • Anders Ditlev Clausager: An aerodynamic centenary: the German streamlined cars from 1919 to 1939
  • James Loveridge: KRC: A ‘forgotten make’ remembered?
  • Luis Cascante: Chauffeur Buenaventura Compte and some of the cars he drove (1907-35)

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