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A petition to the Government – to save historic vehicles from scrappage schemes

Peter McFadyen, SAHB member and generous provider of many of the Sliders you see at the top of the website (see the beautiful image of the AC Empire above), has asked us to post a very important plea to add your names to the petition running now on the Government’s petition website to

Make it illegal for Historic Vehicles to be processed through scrappage schemes.

It’s simple: a petition to make it illegal for manufacturers to process vehicles which have Historic Vehicle on their V5 documents though any scrappage scheme. A simple way to avoid losing rare road heritage is to make all vehicles with Historic Vehicle on their V5 document, legally exempt from scrappage.

As at the date of this posting the petition stood at only 8,655.  If it gets to 10,000 the government will respond.

We do not want to risk the loss of a valuable part of our motoring heritage, so can you add your signature?  If you can, then click this LINK

Thank you for your attention.

(Image courtesy of the Rover P6 Club).

One response to “A petition to the Government – to save historic vehicles from scrappage schemes”

  1. Gordon Brooks says:

    If such a vehicle is beyond repair, all parts should be retained as parts for other similar vehicles and not scrapped. This is important where the donor vehicle could be a source of spares for veteran or vintage vehicles.

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