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VSCC Prescott 2017 – up to the usual standard

Your webmaster was able to attend this year’s VSCC Prescott hillclimb on Sunday 6th August.  After a dreadful hailstorm on the Saturday morning, the organisers must have had a quiet word with the weather gods, because Sunday was blessed with beautiful sun with a few fluffy clouds.

The racing was consistently fascinating, well-commentated (we are biased here, because SAHB committee member Guy Loveridge was one of the commentators) and smartly managed.  Old cars do sometimes stall, and drivers do make the occasional mistake, so the red flags came out quite often, but things were always rapidly fixed.

The vintage and normal car parks were full to the brim with Edwardian, vintage, post-vintage and classic cars from the modest to the eye-wateringly valuable – so there was much to see.  And, above all, every owner and spectator was happy to talk – which is really the best bit of Prescott.

Books, photos, general automobilia and even Bugatti parts were on sale from the various trade stands, and the food was excellent – from health-threatening doughnuts to life-extending fresh salads.

If you’re looking at this SAHB website you are very likely to enjoy VSCC Prescott, so we recommend highly a visit to next August’s event.  We shall definitely be there.

We’ve added a short gallery of images from this year’s event.  we hope you enjoy them.

One response to “VSCC Prescott 2017 – up to the usual standard”

  1. Peter W. card says:

    I was in attendance on Saturday and Sunday morning, and great fun it was too. it was very busy, so I am not surprised that we did not bump into each other. Perhaps the SAHB should have a stand! but it has to be manned!
    All the best

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