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Two pictures – can you identify them?

Craig Horner has sent us these two pictures that none of us can yet identify.

The first photo dates from late 1905 or 1906, from the Whalley Range area of Manchester.

The second photo dates from the 1930s or 1940s, from the Withington area of Manchester.

Can anyone identify either of the cars?

This is not, unfortunately, a quiz à la PreWarCar.com – because we haven’t got any t-shirts and we don’t know the correct answers.  So you’ll need to help us simply out of the kindness of your heart, and in anticipation of being famous for at least 15 minutes.  But please do remember what happened to the man who invented the Infinite Improbability Drive.


4 responses to “Two pictures – can you identify them?”

  1. Ariejan Bos says:

    The car at the top is a 1905 12hp Darracq tonneau. Praised in a 1905 Autocar advertisement as the “Winner of the Delhi-Bombay Reliability Trials, etc.” The price was only £343.
    Unfortunately I do not remember what happened to the man who invented the Infinite Improbability Drive. Do I have to worry?

    • Web Master says:

      Once again thank you, Ariejan, for your very speedy and very informative response. This is much appreciated, and we’ll make sure that the owner of the photo gets this information. Normally we would refer our British contributors to Google for the answer to the fate of the man mentioned in our post, because they really should know – but, since you are not British, we shall help you by directing you to the appropriate text. Please understand that this was a warning made in jest, since it is entirely fictional – but we do suggest that you should keep clear of respectable physicists for a couple of days, until the dust settles. The link is: http://hitchhikers.wikia.com/wiki/Infinite_Improbability_Drive
      We hope that others will have a go at the second picture – despite the danger from said physicists.

  2. Craig Horner says:

    That WAS fast! The family providing the photo will be pleased to hear this.

  3. Mike Costigan says:

    The second picture surely depicts a Morris Cowley from the late 1920s?

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