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Two More Special Offers from the SAHB – “deux livres sur Citroën” (in English!)

Here’s another pair of offers for these strange times when you might want a good book to read.  They are from Malcolm Bobbitt, editor of our quarterly SAHB Times, noted motoring history writer and specialist in the Citroën marque.

The first is Malcolm’s 2019 book on the 2CV.  As you will see from our recent opinion of it under Book Reviews on the left of this site, it is a superb read.

The second is his 2011 account of Citroën cars of all types from 1945 to 1964 – a pivotal period in Citroën’s history. This is an equally accomplished book, telling the story over 64 pages packed with fascinating information in Malcolm’s usual excellent style, and many colour and black & white illustrations.

Malcolm has generously offered these books, signed by him, at a discount for a limited period:

You can buy the 2CV book for £10 including p & p in the UK – and Malcolm will donate £3 of this to the SAHB to help us to continue our work in bringing automotive history to as wide an audience as possible.  You don’t have to be an SAHB member.

Or you can buy the Citroën Cars book for £6 including p & p in the UK – and Malcolm will donate £2 of this to the SAHB.

Or, of course, you can get a comprehensive story of Citroën after World War II by buying both at £16 total – all inclusive.

You don’t have to be an SAHB member: to take advantage of this offer; simply contact us with your request through the Leave a Comment facility at the base of this post.  Your request and your email address will remain confidential to our webmaster and to Malcolm, and he will get back to you to arrange payment, dedication words and delivery.

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