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The Aerospace Archive Initiative – a presentation from Mike Rogers

Mike was going to give this presentation at our Spring Seminar.  He has kindly let us have it for you to read while you are in lockdown.

It’s an important topic: our own Richard Roberts, Archive Consultant on the SAHB Committee, will be very interested to hear your views on this.  The presentation puts forward the idea of setting up land-transport archives on the lines of the aerospace initiative.

Enjoy the presentation, and please tell us what you think buy using the Leave a Comment box below.

Mike Rogers TNA – SAHB Seminar 19 April 2020




One response to “The Aerospace Archive Initiative – a presentation from Mike Rogers”

  1. This sounds as a very good opportunity for all automotive archives and libraries in the UK. I am manager at the Dutch Center for historic Automotive Documentation ( and I hope that our National Archives would start an initiative like this. But I am afraid the chances are very small. In my ideal world all automotive documents collections in the whole world would be connected by means of a World Catalogue for Automotive Documentation!
    I hope the SAHB will give support to this proposal of Mike Rogers.

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