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SLIDER: BMW bikes at Settle

Settle in North Yorkshire is renowned for its attraction to bikers. On most days of the year, but especially at weekends, the main square will have an eclectic collection of motorcycles, from nifty 250cc machines right up to the serious Ninjas and Fireblades – and everything in between.

An important magnet for the bikers is the Naked Man Café at the edge of the square. It was there that the riders of these four immaculate BMWs were seen and congratulated on the beautifully precise display of their mounts. Their reply was as expected: “Naturally; you’ve got to do it properly.”

The red bike at the end is a 2016 R1200 GS, a “dual sport” type with a classic BMW 1,170cc 2-cylinder boxer engine, but with liquid cooling replacing the traditional air-cooled engine for which BMW is so well known. The two bikes nearer to the camera are, from right to left, a 2018 R1200 and a 2021 R1250 – again with boxer engines.

The nearest bike to the camera is a 2022 F850 with a very different configuration. It has a liquid-cooled transverse 2-cylinder in-line engine with 853cc capacity, fuel injection and six-speed gearbox.

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