NORMAN CONQUEST – One man’s tale of high-flying adventures and life in the fast lane

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Making a Marque – Rolls-Royce Motor Car Promotion 1904-1940

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Aspects of Motoring History # 16

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Aspects of Motoring History # 15

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SAHB TIMES: Issues 101 to 104

The latest issues of the SAHB Times – free to SAHB members.

SAHB Times No. 104, Spring 2021:

Contents: 48 pages.

Among many articles it includes the following:

  • Notice of the death of Michael Worthington-Williams, MBE
  • Lawrence Sterne Stevens – an appreciation by motoring art expert, Tony Clark
  • Selwyn Edge and the Security Services – Dr Craig Horner
  • The Mighty Pantechnicon: Bill Wolf tells about the restoration of the 1947 Nubar Gulbenkian Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith
  • Patrick Collins is our guide to the National Motor Museum Trust’s libraries and archives
  • Classic car concerns. Ian Coomber reflects from a Covid-19 point of view
  • The history of Caffyns, as explored by Richard Roberts with the aid of the Richard Roberts Archive
  • Derry Aust praises the one-make car clubs, with the accent on Triumph
  • La Quatrelle à soixante ans: Mark Bradbury acknowledges the Renault 4 at 60
  • Kellogg’s car cards. Bill Piggott makes a discovery in his attic, and tries to solve a mystery
  • Christopher Scott Mackirdy recalls bygone motoring
  • An auction to remember. N J H Smith reports from the sale of the Bryan Goodman photographic and motoring library
  • Side-slip: Nigel Stennett-Cox puts the spotlight on Bedford commercial vehicles

The back page: Peter Card shares a picture of the late Michael Worthington-Williams aboard a De Dion-Bouton arriving at Brighton following the 1995 Emancipation Run.

Regular features include Chairman’s comments; news on members’ research; correspondence; book reviews; a welcome to the society’s new members; forthcoming events, and more…


SAHB Times No. 103, Winter 2020-2021:

Contents: 48 pages.

Among many articles it includes:

  • Automobiles d’Aoust of Bruxelles: Andrew Minney tracks the firm’s history
  • David Hales recalls youthful motoring with a 1923 Rover, 1939 Alvis and other vehicles of interest to include an ABC and a 1923 Bullnose Morris Cowley
  • Does it pay to advertise? John Harrison believes so and explains the marketing tactics of Francies Motor Services
  • Dennis and Scammell feature in old photographs
  • The race of gentlefolk is an American institution, as is explained by Bill Wolf
  • Chrysler Airflow: was it too far ahead of its time? With the aid of the Richard Roberts Archive, Peter Moss takes an informed view of this stylish motor car.
  • Noel Stokoe recalls motoring days with a Standard 8 and a trio of Jowetts
  • Side-slip: Nigel Stennett-Cox on Morris Eights and some midnight encounters
  • Highlighting history, there’s much on Minerva, Sigma, Ford, Austin-Healey and some rarely seen marques to include Werner, Hornet, Gatso, Raleigh Safety Seven and the Majola

The back page features some French delights in the custody of Mike Tebbett.

Regular features include book reviews, new members’ details, events, SAHB members’ researches and news, correspondence and more..


SAHB Times No. 102, Autumn 2020:

Cover image: Panhard Dyna X

Contents: 48 pages.

Among many articles it includes the following:

  • Paris to Helsinki by Panhard Dyna X (Guy Loveridge)
  • Bugatti Royale in New York (Bill Wolf)
  • Minerva (Graham Skillen)
  • Adams-Hewitt and the Adams: Gordon Brooks explores this forgotten marque with the aid of the Richard Roberts Archive
  • Professor Peter Fawcett searches his library for his favourite motoring books
  • Motoring memories in America – Bill Wolf remembers youthful days
  • From Beaulieu to the Equator with more than one Alvis: Simon Fisher
  • Lacy-Hulbert: a photographic discovery courtesy Jeremy Collins and Nigel Stennett-Cox
  • Nick Pellet on De Dion Porsche
  • Side-Slip: Nigel Stennett-Cox takes a side-view look at motor ownership over the decades

Regular features include book reviews, events, correspondence, membership updates as well as articles and information on Vauxhall, Trippelwagen, Bédélia, Reynold Jackson, Auburn, early motorhomes, 1930 MG, the Anglo-American rally of 1954, early tyres and more…


SAHB Times No. 101, Summer 2020:

Cover image: 1930s Morris Taxicab at a London Railway Terminus

Contents: 48 pages.

Among many articles it includes the following:

  • John Warburton on the 1925 Nichols Fronty Ford
  • Motoring in Britain, 1895-1940, by Michael Ware
  • Sue Jones recalls working with spanners on old cars, plus finding an Austin-Healey
  • A career in headphones: David Welch reveals the life of a motoring film sound engineer
  • Derry Aust remembers a motoring decade – the 1950s
  • Stirling Moss: Peter Moss discovers the racing driver’s commercial ventures
  • The Grümmer Delage D8 – Andrew Minney concludes his history of a special car
  • Reid Railton – Man of Speed; The Tricycle Book : reviews by Bob Cartwright
  • Side-slip: another thought-provoking motoring essay by Nigel Stennett-Cox
  • Art and Architecture: the spotlight is on Professor Peter Fawcett in Bentley mode

Other features include the Hinstin light car; Jowett; early Mazdas; vintage caravans; Rolls-Royce and the 1907 Scottish Reliability Trial; Lotus; Porsche; and book reviews.

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