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SAH 2011 awards announced

Amongst the SAH awards announced recently are several of particular interest to the SAHB. We heartily congratulate the deserving recipients. British members will be particularly pleased by the Bradley Award which has gone to the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust, see details at the end of this posting.

First, the SAH Friend of Automotive History 2011, awarded in recognition of an individual who has made a particular personal contribution to automotive history, was awarded to Christopher ‘Kit’ Foster of the USA. 

SAHB member and former Chairman Malcolm Jeal writes: Kit has made an outstanding contribution to the SAH over the past 20-plus years in a variety of rôles – including Treasurer, Membership Secretary, and of course President. To automotive history in the wider context, he has been a long-time writer for motoring magazines both in the USA and Britain, in addition to which he authored the book The Stanley Steamer, published in 2004, which is the definitive text on the subject. As well as the many personal contacts that he has made within the SAH, Kit Foster has also undertaken for a significant period unofficial SAH ‘ambassadorial’ duties – most notably his regular attendance at, and frequent hosting of, the SAH European Dinner in Paris since the inauguration of this annual occasion in 1996. His promulgation of the ‘raison d’être’ of the SAH to those beyond the shores of America is widely acknowledged on this side of the Atlantic – and very much appreciated.

The full award list is:

E.P. Ingersoll Award to O’Keefe Winners Database: A Searchable Comprehensive Digital Database of Motor Racing Events 1895-2010, published on line by Racemaker Press.

Richard and Grace Brigham Award to The Packard Cormorant, published by Packard Automobile Classics, Stuart Blond, editor.

Richard P. Scharchburg Student Paper Award to “The Automobile, the Interstate, and Suburbia,” by Andrew Jennings Mabon, James Madison University.

For articles:

Carl Benz Award to “1951 Buick XP-300: Mr. Chayne Builds His Dream Car,” by Terry V. Boyce, published in Collectible Automobile.

For books:

Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot Award, English Language to Caribbean Capers:The Cuban Grand Prix Road Races of 1957, 1958 and 1960, by Joel E. Finn, published by Garnet Hill Publishing and Racemaker Press.

Award of Distinction to Voiture Minimum: Le Corbusier and the Automobile, by Antonio Amado, published by The MIT Press.

Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot Award, Language other than English to Gotha de L’Automobile Française, by Claude Rouxel and Laurent Friry, published by E.T.A.I.

Awards of Distinction, Language other than English to Tatra, Nákladní a Užitková Vozidla, Autobusy a Trolejbusy, by Marián Šuman-Hreblay, published by Computer Press. And to Lindner, Karosserien und Anhänger aus Ammendorf, by Christian Suhr, published by Verlag Kraftakt.

James J. Bradley Distinguished Service Award to the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust, Coventry, UK (Anders Ditlev Clausager, Chief Archivist).

The SAH statement read The nominations for the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust came from regular users of their collections and services. While they praised the richness of the collections, their most enthusiastic comments were for the professionalism of the staff and the services they provide.  To quote one of the nominations, “Since Mr. Clausager became Chief Archivist, a whole new professionalism has been introduced to the organization in terms of making available the historic information we seek. . . It is an invaluable resource for researchers.”
Anders Clausager is a professional archivist with long experience in the automotive archives. He previously worked at BL Heritage (British Leyland) and later the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust. He became chief archivist at Jaguar Trust in 2000.  He is an author of seven automotive history books.  Mr. Clausager and his staff, which include two additional archivists and eight volunteers, are dedicated to getting accurate information to their users in a timely manner.   The Jaguar Trust also has an extensive publishing programme of both original publications and reprints of older Jaguar technical literature which they sell on their website.  The Jaguar Trust is using digital technology to improve access to their holdings.  For example, more than 150,000 car records are currently available on databases.   The staff are also working on the production of a general on-line catalogue. The Jaguar Trust maintains close ties with its stakeholders and is often represented at relevant events, such as Jaguar club rallies, etc.  The Jaguar Trust provides appropriate care for its collections and meets professional standards in its facilities and in its policies and procedures for risk management.
The Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust is a model automotive history archives, the standard against other programmes should be measured.

Friend of Automotive History Award to Kit Foster, see at top

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