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EV sustainability

Whether we like it or not, the Electric Vehicle is upon us. The world of the motor car is changing at a frightening but also exciting rate. AutoTrader magazine has published an online in-depth article on this important matter, and we have posted it in Other Links in our Sources & Links pages, under the heading Driving Ethically: Understanding the sustainability of electric cars.

We give the link here as well:

The article includes insights into:

  • The infrastructure challenges of rising demand for electric cars
  • A look at sustainability strategies within the car industry
  • The impact of increased manufacturing of EV batteries and chargers
  • The global efforts towards increased transparency and traceability of EV supply chains
  • ‘Circular economy’ initiatives to reduce scrap and landfill waste from EV manufacturing
  •  Helpful advice for responsible electric car ownership.

It also shares data and statistics such as:

  • 57% of consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits to help the environment
  • The UK will need 6.99 million charge points by 2030 – 1.66 million of which will need to be public.


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