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Cool cars in West Sussex – The Horsham District Tour 2019

A friend of the SAHB, knowing of our love of old cars of all ages, has just sent us a stack of pictures from last weekend’s Horsham District Tour.  Henfield Community Partnership organised this year’s tour around the villages of West Sussex to celebrate its Year of Culture.  Local car clubs and motoring organisations provided eight supercars, eight American cars, eight air-cooled cars and many other interesting cars.

Our title picture is of a 1950 Cadillac in Carrera Panamerica style (original?  We have no idea, but the straps are definitely cool.)

Judging by the pictures, hundreds of people attended, and our friend had great difficulty in getting close to the cars.  So the pictures were all snapped in the few milliseconds when the crowd parted enough for most of each car to be seen.

For your interest and enjoyment, here is an extract of the best pictures from that lovely sunny day in West Sussex.  We have done our best to identify each of the cars we show, but please let us know if we’ve got any of them wrong.


1933 1275cc Singer 9 Open Sports



1974 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider Veloce Convertible


1924 Reo Speedwagon with C14D bodywork, from the Black Country Living Museum


Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire


1966 Humber Super Snipe


1951 Citroën Traction Avant Light 15 (11 Légère)


Triumph Roadster ‘Bergerac Car’


 Jensen Interceptor


 1967 (?) Mustang


Bentley Mk VI

Thank you for looking.  Please send us your comments through the website.

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  1. Tom Colbert says:

    The 1950 Cadillac is-unless the original is on loan from the Revs Institute-a recreation of the car entered in the 1950 Le Mans race by Briggs Cunningham. Essentially stock, it was driven by Miles and Sam Colliers, and finished tenth, averaging just eight mph below the winner.

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