By Carlo Cavicchi 2024 review by James Loveridge Despite what its title may suggest, Inside OSCA: The Bolognese Miracle...

OILING THE COGS: Reg Bishop’s role in the British motor industry’s golden age

By Jim and Guy Loveridge 2024 review by Autolycus Once again, Jim and Guy Loveridge have brought into the...

Aspects of Motoring History # 19

Published August 2023. 132 pages, 60 black & white illustrations and charts and 26 full-colour images, softbound. Articles: Paul...

Aspects of Motoring History # 18

Published July 2022. 126 pages, 92 black & white illustrations and charts and 24 full-colour images, softbound. Articles: Craig...

Aspects of Motoring History # 17

Published June 2021. 109 pages, nearly 40 black & white illustrations and charts and 32 full-colour images, softbound.


Peter W. Card: Obituary – Michael J. (Mike) Worthington-Williams (1938–2021) – a personal view

Oliver Bradbury: Colour and trim design for automobiles, 1960–95, and that of recognising an uncharted genre in design history

David Cooper (with Dawn Spears): A forensic approach to restoration

Anders Ditlev Clausager: The German car invasion of 1937

Rainer Simons (Translation by W.M. Barton): Fritz Fiedler: The path of a car designer from Stettin to Munich

Craig Horner: ‘Much of the horror of motoring is centred on the chauffeur’ – the rise and fall of the chauffeur, 1896–1914.

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