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A Swiss Sunbeam 3-litre “Twin Cam” Super Sports

SAHB member Paolo Luisoni has sent us these tremendously evocative pictures of his car. The Sunbeam 3-litre Super Sports – one of the truly great cars of all time – was introduced by Sunbeam in 1924. Of the original production run of 315 only 45 are known to have survived, and this one, chassis number 4167GF, is one of them.

Paolo bought it in 2005 and carried out an overhaul, without altering the car – which was completely original apart from its cream paintwork. Paolo has used it a lot, including two wonderful trips from Switzerland to GB in 2012 and 2013.

He tells us that owning a 3-litre Sunbeam is highly satisfying as the car is very smooth, tractable, powerful and fast, with a super engine (the twin cams are driven by a gear train and the engine is dry sump). It is also, to paraphrase Paolo’s words: “little known by the general public and therefore has the great charm of discretion, reserved for true enthusiasts.”

Paolo has also very kindly sent us some more pictures of his car, and we show them here…


The car today – and its beautifully sporting proportions


Beautiful from any angle


The twin-cam engine


The car in June 1942


The car in the Milligen collection. There was a fine article by G. E. Milligen in The Vintage and Thoroughbred Car December 1955


Paolo and his son setting off on their return drive to Switzerland from Brooklands in 2012


We are most grateful to Paolo for his permission to post these pictures and the information on his car. Drive it to the UK soon, Paolo, please!!

Photographs and information on the car courtesy of Paolo Luisoni

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