by the Lancia Motor Club (edited by Jack Romano) 2022 review by James Loveridge I guess all of us...

S. F. EDGE – Maker of Motoring History

by Simon Fisher 2022 review by James Loveridge In his 1934 book “My Motoring Reminiscences” Selwyn Francis Edge said...

Aspects of Motoring History # 18

Published July 2022. 126 pages, 92 black & white illustrations and charts and 24 full-colour images, softbound. Articles: Craig...

Aspects of Motoring History # 17

Published June 2021. 109 pages, nearly 40 black & white illustrations and charts and 32 full-colour images, softbound. Articles:...

A source of automotive production statistics

Automobilia 85-45 is a German website dedicated to production figures for cars, commercial vehicles and military vehicles from all over the world.  We met its creator, Hans Lipp at the recent seminar of our German equivalent society, AHG (Automobil-Historische Gesellschaft) in Ober-Ramstadt.  Hans is always seeking updates, corrections and additions

Even after this News item eventually disappears, you will always be able to find the website: the permanent link is now in Other Links, which can be accessed from Sources & Links in the top menu.

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