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A mystery solved – about an Amilcar from our Sliders

Back in 2017 we posted a Slider of Ian Bingham’s 1928 G-Type Amilcar, taken on 2 July of that year at the MAC/VSCC Shelsley Walsh hill climb by Peter McFadyen.  But the size of the engine – 4,939cc – made no sense to us.  It was in the official VSCC entry lists in the ‘Racing Cars over 3000cc’ category.  We could find no reference to the car or its engine in Georgano, on the internet or in Gilles Fournier’s book.

We’ve just received this succinct comment from “Bob” (no surname) that sorts out the mystery:

“Recent construction using an ADC(or ACE) Cirrus aero engine”.

Many thanks, Bob, for this extra information.  It’s also given us an excuse to show Peter McFadyen’s glorious image again.  You can see more of Peter’s work at


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  1. Mark Pilkington says:

    ADC Cirrus II c/n 408

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