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A book launch invitation: THE CHESHIRE MOTOR VEHICLE REGISTRATIONS, 1904-07

We are delighted to publicise a book launch by Dr Craig Horner, distinguished member of the SAHB committee and editor of the SAHB’s Aspects of Motoring History.

The book is:

Edited by Craig Horner
Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, volume 156

The Cheshire vehicle registrations are amongst the few complete collections in the country for the period up to the First World War. This edited transcript of the records, for the period 1904 to 1907, allows a glimpse of the variety of motor cars, motor-cycles and ‘lurries’ then on the Cheshire roads. We can also identify successive registered owners and their addresses as the vehicles passed down (and sometimes up) the social chain. Additionally, the occupations and dates of birth of these owners have been incorporated. This volume is the first in a set to cover the entire period to 1914.

(The image shown here is from R. G. A. Chesterman, Laughter in the House (Chester: Cheshire County Council, 1978), p. 31.)

To celebrate the publication of this volume, the Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire are holding a launch:

Date: Monday 27 January 2020

Time: 6.30-8.00 pm (formalities to begin at 7.00 pm)

Venue: 70 Oxford St (formerly ‘The Cornerhouse’),

Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, M1 5NH

The event will include a talk by the author, and an opportunity to purchase the volume at a special price.


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